Im Blumengarten vom Oberlin

Der Monsieur Oberlin hat in einem kleinen Dorf in den Vogesen gelebt und hat vor gut 200 Jahren sozusagen den Kindergarten erfunden.
Als Pfarrer sah er sich in der Pflicht, den Kindern die Welt zu erklären.
In seiner Kirchengemeinde in Waldersbach steht ein kleines unscheinbares aber sehr schön aufbereitetes Museum, das Originalstücke und -sammlungen sehr nah und interaktiv zeigt.
Im Heilkräutergarten tummeln sich die Bienchen 🙂

This picture was taken in the Vosges in the small town Waldersbach. In the garden of the Oberlin museum were many herbs and flowers for a great bees party 🙂
Monsieur Oberlin was a pastor and it is said that he is (one of) the “founder of the kindergarten”.

English Wikipedia also says:

Oberlin set out to improve both the material and the spiritual condition of the inhabitants. He began by encouraging the construction of roads through the valley and the erection of bridges, rallying the peasantry to the enterprise by his personal example. He introduced an improved system of agriculture. Substantial cottages were erected, and various industrial arts were introduced. He founded an itinerant library, originated infant schools, and established an ordinary school at each of the five villages in the parish. (…) He practiced medicine among them, founded a savings and loan bank and introduced cotton manufacturing. (source:


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