At the hive

The local beekeepers did build a house for bees and interested people as a kind of educational concept. It is perfect for my personal interest in taking pictures of bees 🙂

health food

Looking for nectar in a calendula and cornflowers. Both medicinal plants. The bees might use the healing contents as well for treats? The cornflower can be used in teas and helps the gall bladder and the liver to work properly. Like a tonic! The calendula is used in teas or tinctures as an antiviral andContinue reading “health food”

Drink, bee, drink

Thirsty bees in the bee’s pub. They seem to be chatting about the fountains water supply. It gets less this year

Bee’s relatives

There is a net of hornets in the soil at my work’s parking lot! As they are a protected species, there is protection put up for both, human and insects. A red and white striped barrier. Why not black and yellow? I learned: Honets are wasps. They have a very thin wasp waist (see images).HornetsContinue reading “Bee’s relatives”

Propeller Bee

I did it again! Got it in the air 🙂 I was so thrilled, that I didn’t look at the flower properly. So I can’t find out, what kind of blossom this is. Can anyone help??

Such a colourful beezfood!

The Echinacea is not only healthy but so very nice, too! I will try to get those ones for my garden next year. Bees like them for sure. The commonly used German word is Sonnenhut. A sun hat.