Borage, the cucumber herb

The borage is alive! Borage was used in German cuisine a lot. The greens as vegitable or to add to pickled ghurkins. The flowers are still used as a nice garnish for salads, at least in my cuisine. I just learned that they can also garnish and flavor cocktails. I will definetly try that!

A poppy for CFFC

Welcome to my photoblog of flowers and bees. Join and follow the flying friends of honey harvesters.

Wild bee in a daylily

The wild bees are usually much smaller. This one got powdered by the rich pollens of the daylily. There are over 30 000 kinds of wild bees in the world! I wonder which one this might be(e)? Daylilies are edible. You can fry them, put them in soups or cut them with outher herbs intoContinue reading “Wild bee in a daylily”

Bienenfreund – The Phacelia again

The phacelia is called Bienenfreund in German. Bees friend. And it really is. It has rich pollens and it blossoms from June until September. Food for all summer long.